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11/27/2008 The Gold City Chapter has a new web site and a new Certificate Manager. The web site is and the CM is Bob K4QHH.
12/8/2005 Gold City sends out its prayers for the family of Don Ruf (KB0ON). God Bless them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
12/22/2004 With the lack of activity and participation of Tim (AE4VD) we have swapped him out with Todd (KC4TVZ) and Todd is now FM5. Thanks Todd and welcome aboard!
11/15/2004 Gold City Members,

There are now two methods in which to do an upgrade in the chapter.

1. Regular Upgrade

In this case, you need to just do what you have been doing for the past couple of years. When you log in to the server, the database is queried and all the forms will be automatically filled in for YOUR convenience. All you will need to do is choose 'Regular Upgrade' at the top of the form, add your 'new points', 'new members', and 'total points' and proceed.

2. Seals Only

In this case, you will need to choose 'Seals Only' at the top of the form and then update your seal information at the bottom of the form. Again, when you log in, the database is queried for YOUR convenience and everything that you need is automatically filled in. All you will have to do is change the values in the seals area and proceed.
10/12/2004 - Gold City Chapter Anniversary The second Anniversary of the Gold City Chapter of 10-10 is October 16, 2004. This is a special day, so a special net will be held on 28.425 at 8AM or 1200 utc . In addition, if you work ANY of the Chapter FMs the weekend of October 16th and 17th, you will receive a seal and points. I will post your seal the next week via e-mail on the Tenmeter, Yahoo, and N4GCC lists. The seals you may receive are: {(ALWAYS in this order)} 1. Brad Walker 2. Dahlonega 3. Lumpkin (Members will receive Seal #1, #2 or #3, depending upon which Seals he or she already has and which Seal is next in the order of collection. All seals that you receive this year will have the number 4, reflecting the year of issue, 2004.) I will post this every week in OCTOBER. Please pass the word for the benefit of those members without email. It is hoped that by using the FMs, ALL Chapter members will receive a seal this year. N4WAB Wallace 10X 65133 FM #1 CH Gold City Chapter PS The Chapter will be two years old But the third Gold Rush Net.
10/31/2003 We have a new special ready! Look under the "Specials" section to download the file and get the gold!
2/6/2003 To sign up to the Yahoo! group, just e-mail me or Wallace and we'll send you an invitation.

Phil, N4BBQ
10/20/2002 Now the chapter is off to a great start A chapter is only as good as the members as of now we have 150 great members Now when you upgrade you will get your upgrade wright back The computer dose the upgrades its on 24 hrs aday But one thing you can only upgrade one time in 24hrs Hope all enjoys the chapter We the chapter will try to keep everyone happy But as you know you cant do it all the time CU GOD BLESS Wallace PS Something will be there for next month
10/18/2002 Hi All The last two days has had me going with new member Tomorrow is GOLD RUSH and the net will start at 0900am hope we have great propagation will run alday maybe There will be a Brad Walker award for all the check ins and a 100 points give out you dont have to do anything trying to upgrade I'll put it in for you Hope to hear all 130 members ONE MORE TIME This isnt a Contact Chapter You contact a member for his or her points And one contact a day 30 nets that you talk to N4WAB me one contact
10/15/2002 Today is the big day for the Chapter There has been changes to the web page you need to check it Hope we have great propagation For our first net This coming weekend is GOLD RUSH and there will be a net dont forget to check in you'll get a 100 point upgrade Some new things has been put on the upgrade page Hope to hear you today on the net CU GOD BLESS wallace
9/27/2002 The chapter application was mailed today (9/27), if all goes well, we'll begin our chapter on Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 8pm EST!
08/18/2002 We have an SQ in each state now. If all goes well, we should be ready to start up the third weekend in October.
08/08/2002 N4WAB jumps the gun and posts Gold City to SNITT. The gauntlet has been thrown
08/03/2002 N4BBQ sets up a dummy website and proclaims himself to be head honcho of GOLD CITY chapter - in other words, Wallace (N4WAB) is further harassed
07/15/2002 N4BBQ begins to harass N4WAB about a Gold City chapter of 1010
1993 Gold City Chapter is conceived in the mind of KE4CRU (N4WAB)

Gold City Chapter

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