The points structure of the Gold City Chapter will be as follows (at least so far):

First and formost, this is NOT a contact chapter.
    The following are examples of how this chapter works:

  • N4BBQ works N4WAB on Monday and N4WAB is worth 150 points

  • On Tuesday, N4BBQ works N4WAB, but this time N4WAB is worth 155 points

  • There are two things that can happen now.

    1: If N4BBQ upgraded on Monday and used N4WAB's 150 points, then on today's upgrade, N4BBQ can only claim 5 points for N4WAB.

    2: If N4BBQ did not upgrade on Monday, then he can claim 155 points today for N4WAB

  • Also, the seals on the main certificate are bought with NEW contacts only. N4BBQ cannot work N4WAB 30 times in 30 days and earn the $1 gold seal

Upgrade TitlePoints ValueWhat you will receive
Squatter10-300Seal Number
Prospector301-475Seal Number
Gold Miner476-800Seal Number
Super Gold Miner801-2000+Seal Number

Your on-the-air points valueYour division number
10-2000divide by 100
2001-3000divide by 250
3001-4000divide by 375
4001-5000divide by 500
5001+divide by 700

Example: Your current on-the-air points value is 55, you submit 600 contact points, your on-the-air points value is now 61.

Award NameContacts NeededWhat you will receive
$1 Gold30Seal for the main certificate (SASE + 25 cents)
$3 Gold60Seal for the main certificate (SASE + 25 cents)
Quarter Eagle90Seal for the main certificate (SASE + 25 cents)
Half Eagle120Seal for the main certificate (SASE + 25 cents)
10 Karat150Seal for the main certificate (SASE + 25 cents)
14 Karat200Seal for the main certificate (SASE + 25 cents)
24 Karat300Seal for the main certificate (SASE + 25 cents)
After working this award, you will become an IQ

BONUS POINTS: To get bonus points, you can work members in blocks. For example, work 25 members with $1, send in those 25 for an additional 25 points. Collect another 25, send them in and get another 25 points. No dupes and you can get a max of 50 points. This is valid on all the seals ($1 -> 24k). You can use a dupe on a different seal. For example, you can work N4WAB on $1 and $3, etc.

Award NameTaskWhat you will receive
Pay DirtCheck Into Net 10 Times10 on-the-air points
Consolidated Gold MineCheck Into Net 15 Times15 on-the-air points
Crisson Gold MineCheck Into Net 20 Times20 on-the-air points
Findley Gold MineCheck Into Net 25 Times25 on-the-air points
Gold RushCheck Into Net 50 Times50 on-the-air points

Seal NameContacts NeededWhat You Will Receive
Azalea10 Contacts With N4BBQSeal Number
Brown Thrasher15 Contacts With N4WABSeal Number
Cherokee Rose20 Contacts With KE4KFQSeal Number
Honeybee25 Contacts With K5BKTSeal Number
Live Oak30 Contacts With KA3WWGSeal Number

Award NameWhat You Will Receive
Brad Walker100 on-the-air points
Dahlonega200 on-the-air points
Lumpkin300 on-the-air points
NGCSU400 on-the-air points

Note: These awards are given out when Gold Rush is going on in Dahlonega. This occurs the 3rd weekend in October every year. You can only earn one of these awards per year.

Award NameTaskWhat You Will Receive
Worked All States1 Contact With Each State
*** Send a photocopy of QSL cards with date of contact ***
Folded Certificate -> $1 & #10 SASE
Unfolded Certificate -> $1 & 9x12 SASE (2 stamps)
Worked All States Mobile1 Contact With A Mobile in Each State
*** Send a photocopy of QSL cards with date of contact ***
Same As WAS
Worked All Continents
* Russia is in Europe *
1 Contact In All Continents
*** Send a photocopy of QSL cards with date of contact ***
Same As WAS
Worked All Continents Mobile1 Contact In All Continients
*** Send a photocopy of QSL cards with date of contact ***
Same As WAS

Note: We are allowing one wildcard on WAS and three wild cards on WAS Mobile. The criteria for a wild card is any FM and any other contact with a WC on the end of their suffix. Below is a list of our wildcards. 25 on-the-air points are given for these awards.

Wild Cards
Mary Jane, KA3WWG, SQ16-WC
Leslie, WA4EEZ, SQ10-WC
Peg, K5BKT, SQ15-WC

Gold City Chapter

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