The upgrade part of this site has caused some confusion, so I decided to write a page on what exactly is going on when you submit an upgrade.

When you prepare to submit an on-line upgrade you only need a few bits of information. You need your callsign, your 10-10 number, the total points you are about to submit for this upgrade, the total members you have worked since your last upgrade, and the total points you have collected on the air in the Gold City Chapter. Now I feel we learn best by example, so here goes:


Wallace joins Gold City and works 10 members and collects a total of 1300 points. Below is how he would enter his upgrade.


The next day Wallace works 5 Gold City members and collects 500 points. Below is what he should enter to upgrade. Note: The 1800 points below is Wallace's 500 for today and 1300 from yesterday.

Hopefully, this will help some of you upgrade. The database will store and e-mail to you your running totals, but always keep the last couple of e-mails the server has sent you just in case we crash & burn or it cheats you.

Now concerning the state awards, if on one day you decide to enter that you have worked N4BBQ 5 times, you come to the upgrade page and enter 5 for that award, then you submit it and get a verification e-mail. On day two you return and have worked me again, so when you upgrade you will want to enter a 6 there, since now we have worked 6 times. On day three you return and we have not worked any more (meaning the value is still at 6), you do NOT have to enter anything again. If you leave those areas at zero, the database assumes you are not updating, so it ignores the zeros. The only time you will want to enter a value on the state awards is if you are actually updating the running total. This value will be on your last e-mail so you really don't have to keep up with the totals, only the stuff you haven't entered since your last upgrade.

Ok, Good Luck & Happy Hunting!

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